Complete luxury detailing from $220

Enjoy Full Exterior Wash

The complete detailing package includes a full exterior wash, hand dried with lint-free microfiber cloth. In addition, wheels/tires/wheel wells washed and dried and after that we add tire dressing to give it the best shiny looking. We implement Carnauba Spray Wax to protect the detailing and gives your car a long lasting shine.

Full Interior Detailing

From complete interior floor, mats, trunk or cargo vacuum we do it all with passion. We also vacuum leather and upholstery seats and shampoo floors including stain removal. When it comes to shine, we apply top of the line shining materials to dashboard, cup holders, plastics, vinyl and console areas. And if your car has some salt stain then we will be taking care of that as well. Bottom line, you will have a brand new car!

Leather Care

We love leather and we make it looks as much brand new as possible by reconditioning it and applying top of the line leather care protection. 

Complete Engine Clean and Shine

Does your car need complete detailing ?