About us

Automotive Detailing Services Company located in London Ontario, Mr GreenClean utilizes a revolutionary and environmentally friendly steam washing method that quickly and effectively removes dirt, stains, grease, and other contaminants from all surfaces. Our method cleans without the use of harsh chemicals and zero waste water.

Environment Friendly

Mr GreenClean use as little as 1 litre of water per vehicle! That is less than 1% of the traditional, automatic car washes!

Interior & Exterior

Step One– Mr GreenClean sprays the vehicle’s surface with steam and then dries the surface with a microfiber towel.

Step two– MGC applies a surface protectant Eco friendly Wax. Use steam to avoid damp interiors. 

we use 100% bio-degradable products that are safe for our planet. Because steam dries almost instantly, there is no sloppy water run off into our streets and sewers. Water run off from traditional, automatic and even hand car washes is a very big problem & contributes greatly to polluting our water systems with dirty, chemical filled run off. We steam wash and detail your car without using a single drop of waste water or any harmful chemicals!