1 year paint protection

Protect the paint on your car

Paint protection will protect the paint on your vehicle from chips, scratches, stains, flying gravel, contaminants, bus debris, tar and harsh environmental elements like salt water. Our professional 1 year paint protection services in London, Ontario will give you peace of mind all year at an affordable price. 

We use two products for paint protection, car pro product and surface science product, to provide the best protection for your car.

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Our Process

Exterior detailing

A full hand wash, decontamination with clay bar treatment and a hand wax application is included.

Stage Polishing

Clients have the option to add stage polishing. Most opt for Stage 1 polishing.

Application of 1 year paint protection

A 1 year paint protection is applied to the vehicle and will take approximately 6 hours to cure.

Time Required (Approx.): 6 hours